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FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)


How does our pics4dogs-Database works?

pics4dogs offers a choice of high quality images in a range of 0,5 to 10 megapixel. You pay once and only for what you really need. Within 10 minutes after you have finished you get an email with attached invoice in PDF format. Just sign up here for free and you may start at once.

How can I reach the customer service?

On each page of pics4dogs you will find the contact link top right. You may easily contact us by clicking the online form or you simply send an email to oder


What is a customer account?

To purchase images at a registration with us is essential. Your data will be treated as confidential and will not be passed on to a third party. The customer account is free of charge. Here your data can be seen. With your customer login you may login or logout at any time and place your orders if needed. You may register free of charge at pics4dogs here: Sign up

How can I delete my customer account?

We certainly hope you would not want to do this. But if you do so, please send a short email with your request by using our contact form or directly to oder We will delete your access data from our system.

How can I order a picture?

Please have a look in navigation "How it works".

Can I make a claim on an ordered image?

There is no right to return digitally purchased per download or CD/DVD. As soon as you have got the email including the link for downloading, the right of withdrawal is expired. This is in order to prevent, that copies of the received files are made and then being withdrawn form the purchase. In case a purchased image shows technical defects or flaws, you may of course take contact by writing within 14 days.

How do I get a purchased image?

After you have placed your order you will get a confirmation email within 10 minutes. If your choice was PayPal you will find in this email a visibly marked download link. By using this link you can easily download the purchased images at once. Otherwise you get the link after payment.

How do I get an invoice?

After you have purchased an article and the ordering process has been concluded, we will send an email to the email address you have provided in your customer account with the invoice attached in PDF format.

What happens if I forget my username or my password?

No problem. Just click at the login on the button „Forgot your password?“. We will send your user name and your password to the email address you provided.

pics4dogs-USE OF IMAGES

What is Stock-Content?

Stock-Content is a digital content, which may be used in print, advertising, books and magazines, in the news, on websites, in brochures, on packaging or for processing at agencies, and in many other situations. The use of already existing images saves a lot of time for the user as well as the high costs of creation.

What means “Royalty-free”?

”Royalty-free” is a kind of Stock license contract offering the unlimited use of an image in all types of media In compliance with the license agreement. "Royalty-free" images are different from "Rights-Managed" images. A „Rights-Managed“ image needs a special license agreement on a clearly defined purpose. The term “license-free” may be misleading as the images are actually only free of license charges. All images are royalty-free and do not need an individual license. But all images are subject to the general terms of use and to the customer license agreement

Does the image I purchased a watermark?

Only sample images on the website do have a watermark. Of course purchased images do not have a watermark.

If I change/edit an image, may I then claim the author’s right/copyright for this?

You may change and use each image, but you must not claim the copyright for this. pics4dogs, respectively the external image provider, own the author’s right/copyright for all images, regardless if these have been purchased and/or edited or not.

May I sell the purchased images?

No, you must not sell images purchased at You may use these as element for designs or purchase these for a customer of yours, but you must not offer them for sale or distribution.

May I sell products like puzzles, calendar, advertising or posters containing your images?

For this purpose a merchandising license can be obtained. With this license you are entitled to sell our images on resale products like t-shirts, templates, puzzles, cards, posters, etc. Here you will find further information on the licenses:License agreement.

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